Ge Windows, Silicon Wafer, Gaas - Xinkehui
Ge Windows, Silicon Wafer, Gaas - Xinkehui
Ge Windows, Silicon Wafer, Gaas - Xinkehui

High-Quality Substrate in Semiconductor: Trusted Manufacturer

8 inch 200mm Sapphire Wafer Carrier Subsrate SSP DSP Thickness 0.5mm 0.75mm

Shop high-quality 8-inch 200mm Sapphire Wafer Carrier Substrates (SSP/DSP) with thickness options of 0.5mm & 0.75mm. We are a reliable factory. Order now!

High precision Dia50x5mmt Sapphire Windows High temperature resistance and high hardness

Shop high precision Dia50x5mmt Sapphire Windows with high temperature resistance and high hardness. As a factory, we offer durable and reliable products.

4 inch Sapphire Wafer C-Plane SSP/DSP 0.43mm 0.65mm

Looking for 4 inch Sapphire Wafers? Our factory offers C-plane SSP/DSP wafers in 0.43mm and 0.65mm thicknesses. Shop now for high-quality products.

100mm 4inch GaN on Sapphire Epi-layer wafer Gallium nitride epitaxial wafer

Shop the highest quality GaN on Sapphire Epi-layer wafers at our factory. We specialize in producing 100mm 4inch Gallium nitride epitaxial wafers for a variety of applications.

8 Inch Lithium Niobate Wafer LiNbO3 LN wafer

Buy high-quality 8 inch Lithium Niobate (LiNbO3) wafers directly from our factory. We specialize in LN wafer production for various applications.

Sapphire window optical elements coated multi-size specifications Optical infrared window

Shop factory direct for high-quality optical infrared windows. Our Sapphire window optical elements come in a variety of sizes to fit your specific needs. Explore our multi-size specifications now.

3inch 4 inch 6inch LiNbO3 Wafer Substrate Single crystal material

Shop high-quality 3, 4, and 6 LiNbO3 wafer substrate single crystal materials from our factory. Experience exceptional performance and durability.

Sapphire window Sapphire glass lens Single crystal Al2O3material

Browse our collection of high-quality sapphire window and lens products. With single crystal Al2O3 material, we are a trusted factory delivering superior craftsmanship. Order now!

8Inch 200mm 4H-N SiC Wafer Conductive dummy research grade

Get reliable 8-inch 200mm 4H-N SiC wafer conductive dummy of research grade from our factory. We offer high-quality products for advanced research purposes.

2inch 50.8mm Germanium Wafer Substrate Single crystal 1SP 2SP

Get high-quality Germanium Wafer Substrate for your industry needs. Our factory produces 2inch (50.8mm) single crystal 1SP and 2SP wafers. Order now!

200mm 8inch GaN on sapphire Epi-layer wafer substrate

Shop for high-quality 200mm GaN on sapphire Epi-layer wafer substrates at our factory. We provide reliable products with superior performance and durability.

4H-N 4 inch SiC substrate wafer Silicon Carbide Production Dummy Research grade

Discover our 4H-N 4-inch SiC substrate wafer, ideal for silicon carbide production. As a factory, we specialize in high-quality research-grade products.

Dia50.8mm Sapphire Wafer Sapphire Window High Optical Transmittance DSP/SSP

Shop high-quality Dia50.8mm Sapphire Wafer Sapphire Window with exceptional transparency at our factory. Discover optimal optical performance today!

Step Holes Dia25.4x2.0mmt Sapphire optical lens windows

Factory-direct supplier of high-quality sapphire optical lens windows with Step Holes Dia25.4x2.0mmt. Choose us for superior optics and precision engineering.

2 inch Silicon Carbide Wafers 6H or 4H N-type or Semi-Insulating SiC Substrates

Shop high-quality 2-inch Silicon Carbide Wafers (6H or 4H) in N-type or Semi-Insulating SiC Substrates from our factory. Explore our wide range now!

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